5 Tips to Make Your Brand More Authentic

Make Your Brand More Authentic

Globalization is on continuous rise. Economies all around the world are realizing the potential of interdependence.

The Internet has helped greatly in creating businesses that are not limited to territorial boundaries. The World Wide Web has given scope to small businesses out there to showcase their expertise on the global platform.

Today every business small/medium/large wants to get recognized as BRAND because the brand tag increases the authenticity of the businesses.

We are living today in the horizon of a lot of information. Information over the internet can be both useful and crap.

Therefore, when people are searching for brands in order to fulfill their certain requirements they actually focus on a number of things before getting associated with the brand.

Here’s what customers look at before choosing a BRAND?

  • Brand Value – The bigger the brand name the higher are the chances that customers won’t hesitate in choosing it.
  • Brand Perception – It’s very important to maintain an excellent perception in the minds of the potential customers as it helps to get them on-board.
  • Vision – Every brand starts with a vision and that vision plays a major role in order to attract people to get associated with the brand.

Now you would have got an idea about the customers’ ideology when choosing a brand for them.

In this blog post we are going to reveal some of the amazing tips that can help to increase the authenticity of your brand.

1) Don’t Lose Your Originality

Each and Every business starts with some values and vision. But most of them tend to lose their originality as the time passes by. This should be avoided at any cost because this projects a negative impact on the customer’s mind who actually came onboard because of the commitments made in the past.

The brands which stand for their values and show complete dedication in fulfilling their commitments tend to make a really special place in the hearts of people.

For instance, let’s take an example of US based e-commerce giant Amazon. Ever wondered why no other e-commerce brand is not able to dethrone Amazon? Reason is quite simple – Amazon still stands with the customer first approach.

It’s a well known fact that Amazon treats its customers well and is the best when it comes to query resolving. This perception among the general public has helped them to grow exponentially.

The same goes with Uber, Apple, Toyota and Honda. All of these brands have maintained their values since their inception.

Therefore, it’s a no-brainer now that brands need to maintain their originality. Case studies of all the popular brands advocate about the importance of being real and connected to the customers.

2) Be Both Idealistic And Realistic

For a brand it is imperative to strike a balance between their ideas and actions. Ideas are meant to be idealistic but the actions are more on the realistic side.

There is no problem in having a vision for the Brand but the thing is that your actions should be supportive to that vision.

Suppose you are going to start a grocery delivering businesses and 10-min delivery is your USP. Then it is really very important to implement the promise most of the time.

By doing this you are effectively creating a positive image of your brand in the customer’s mind.

Now it’s technically not feasible to deliver every time in 10min but you have to make sure that you are able to deliver in the given time most of the time.

You would have probably heard about many brands making various promises but are unable to deliver the same. People generally do not show mercy on them thus they lose their credibility.

Therefore, businesses need to be really careful about their offerings and promises because consumers of today are well informed.

Now you see how idealism is good but should be balanced with realism. In short show your commitment towards customers and do anything at your disposal to make sure that every promise is fulfilled.

3) Authentic Brand Story

The common phenomenon is that when people love a brand, they love it by heart, and when they hate it, they hate it by heart.

All brands want their customers to love them. For that they come up with different marketing strategies but most of them forget to market their own authentic brand stories.

When people connect with a brand they usually are interested about every buzz going around the brand. Most of the brands try to capitalize on this opportunity by telling real brand stories describing the evolution of the brand.

By doing this customer feel connected with the brand.

How to create an Authentic Brand Story?

  1. Revisit the experiences of the past and create stories from those showing the struggles and the challenges faced by the brand during the early phase of evolution.
  2. Tell them about some recent accomplishments of the brand. So that customers get an idea how you work continuously towards your goals.
  3. Try sharing some of the exciting strategies which came out as really fruitful for your brand.

4) Always Get Back To Customers

Customers are the backbone of every business. Therefore, they must be taken care of. They should feel connected and involved with the brand. If you don’t get back to them regarding their queries then there are high chances that they would turn to some other brand.

Brands really need to get back to their customers at any cost. This makes them feel really special and thus increases their affection towards the brand.

On the other hand this practice also increases the trust value in the favor of the brand which in turn attracts more customers.

Getting back in touch with customers involves more than merely sending them e-mails or informing them about the latest press release. It’s about involving them with the progress of the brand, inviting them to find creative solutions together and discussing important points and ideas that are relevant to both you and your customers.

One of the best ways to reach your audience is to be everywhere they are. Find out which social media platforms they are using and where they are reaching out to you, and make it very easy for them to get your answers and to comment whenever they please.

It adds a lot to the brand authenticity when you’re always available to solve the queries of the customers or when you’re listening to their suggestions 24/7. Then you can claim that you’re truly maintaining a genuine relationship with them.

5) Come Out All Guns Blazing

Follow your customers wherever they are, whether it is social media, print media, or electronic media. Then make strategies that follow marketing trends and study your competitors’ strategies so that you can implement the best possible way to engage your customers.

Make your customers feel truly blessed while you get them hooked with exclusive offers. Do everything in your power to keep track of your customers and to attract them by every means possible.

Additionally, brands need to make regular innovation while maintaining originality. That is the kind of approach that would enable them to survive in the long run in such a competitive market.

The future prospects of the business should be drawn up in advance so that they would be able to compete with the fierce competition and yet maintain the image as the most authentic brand.

The brand style should be consistent across the platforms so that your brand can be recognized very easily. Having a consistent style, meanwhile, will give your brand an air of trustworthiness and will send out the message that your brand’s strategy is clear and effective.

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People get associated with the brand not just for using its merchandise but by making those items fundamental to their lifestyle. Likewise, brands are regarded as the style statement which people use to display their lavishness. Therefore, brands need to be very careful when developing their brand authenticity since people get affiliated with them and use them to express themselves.

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