Facebook Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing Services

Hire a Facebook Marketing Agency to professionally aim at reaching your target audience & increase revenue

Facebook, being the most widely social media marketing tool, closely followed by Instagram, gives businesses higher chances to interact with the potential buyers in the market. Let our team draft an efficient Social Media Marketing Strategy for you to reach audience that matters the most, that too in a completely organic manner.

We are Facebook Marketing Agency that plans, publishes & analyses organic results for you

All that’s not demanding any budget to be spent on Facebook Ads, we do all of that in Facebook Marketing. Your business must have a Social Media presence for letting people engage with your brand. We plan a Facebook Strategy, design & publish posts, follow up and respond to queries and much more till you get a distinguished Social Media presence.

What is included in Social Media Marketing Plan by Facebook Marketing Agency, ‘Digital Promobuddy’?

Auditing existing Facebook activities

We do a detailed Facebook audit for you to reveal what are the loopholes in Social Identity of your business that’s making you fall short of expected reach & revenue.

Researching your target audience

There has to some class of product users that you might be targeting. We regroup and re-research on your target audience so that we can create buyer-friendly content to foster maximum engagement at later stage.

Creating a Facebook strategy

Every Social Media Plan requires a strategy that will bring desired revenue and gains. We plan what posts to be made, how to optimize them and publishing norms for making you stand apart from the crowd.

Designing your Facebook profiles

Don’t worry if you still do not have a Facebook Account. We will make and manage one! We do everything organic to increase qualifies leads and rank your business organically by post quality we plan.

Making Facebook content cum post calendar

There has to be a content strategy that brings in desired revenue results for your business. We prepare beforehand a content calendar which has elements for maximum engagement. This increases the no. of followers you have and adds to the pool of buyers.

Creating industry-specific content

: It is very important to generate posts and content that is industry specific. If you are in fashion industry, you can use words such as Grab Now! But, if you sell educational book sets, that’s not a good part to do. That’s what we do as a Facebook Marketing Agency.

Responding to social media followers

We not just create post content and do optimization for you, we also respond to the inquires and comments which your followers put across on Facebook Messaging System. We draft replies that are positive, engaging and converts inquiry to leads and in turn, conversions!

Growing social reach

Digital Promobuddy as a Facebook Marketing Agency makes use of trending and ranking keywords so that our post designs appear on several hashtag related results. This generates new followers and increases your Facebook Account reach for better prospects in future.

Monitoring social media performance

Our job doesn’t end with managing your Facebook Account. We have professionals who infer a lot of results from the Facebook analytics. They look at the engagement and impression rate to decipher what kind of posts are doing better than others.

Why invest in Facebook Marketing?

Concentrate on core business & leave Facebook Marketing to us.
Get advices from Facebook experts & trust us as your Facebook marketing agency.
Generate a pool of followers & enjoy being an ace seller in the market
Achieve aggressive goals & GENERATE INCREDIBLE RETURN in form of REVENUE

Want to increase your Social Media presence through Facebook?

We have a panel of experts to guide you and even do the entire strategy for you.