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Have you been selling online? An E-commerce website is a must if you want to create a responsive and interactive website that provides shoppers with great shopping experience. Our website developers create seamless E-Commerce Websites on several platforms most widely used being Shopify, Magento & WordPress.

E-Commerce Websites build brand identity

It is always how appealing is your website and how easily will the website visitor be able to navigate through pages. A customer visits the website for need satiation but stays on the website just because of the brand feel it gets from the webpages which web developers have aligned. Any poor design or functionality shall increase the bounce rate which will ultimately hamper the ranking of your website a whole. So, the whole optimization that you did as a company goes in vain.

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What is the advantage of e-commerce website?
You can sell your product globally through e-commerce website
Are e-commerce websites different from information websites?
YES, In the information website, you enter the information of the business and on the e-commerece website, you can sell the product by putting it.
Are e-commerce websites expensive?
Do you do SEO for e-commerce website?
Do you build websites for both B2B and B2C?

We give you shoppers an unforgettable shopping experience. Here is how we do that.

Easy Navigation

Every e-store should be easy to navigate. If shopper is shopping online with no salesman showing goods to them, an easy navigation lets them find all by themselves without feeling the need for someone to bring the product in front of their eyes. Skipping from one page to the next and other should be so seamless that buyer does not get lost in any complex design of your website. We assure that it is kept simple yet attractive.

Search Boxes

Every e commerce website has a million products listed. In such a case, no one knows what category, what color and what type of product buyer is looking at. A reachable and easily accessible Search Box on the Home page is a feature of an E commerce website which an E commerce Development Agency puts on top of the list.

Cart Synchronization

Shopping online is a matter of joy to the shopper yet it includes a lot of deciding and redeciding. In this process, shoppers add and delete a lot of products, lot many times. Web developers at Digital Promobuddy ensure that the cart page is fully synchronized and necessary quantity discount are applied automatically. This enhances shoppers’ e- shopping experience and makes them return to your website again and again. It is that simple to get returning buyers and we do that for you!

Filter and Sort

Out of an ocean of products, buyers need to save time and get the products which match their requirement to be displayed on the screen. E commerce Development Agency adds sorting & filtering features which compare the product with filtered criteria and displays the favorite ones which a customer would love to buy. An efficient sorting & filtering website functionality on an e commerce website increases the chances that a shopper will certainly buy the product that is being displayed.

High Quality Images

It is just the visual appeal and how the product image is portrayed due to which all the e-sales happen. Our web designers and graphic designers together make an immensely attractive online marketplace in the form of your E commerce website. Despite selling a high quality product, a low quality image may hamper your sales to an extent which you would never want.

Apt Content

A no salesman platform is what we call an e-store. So, it is important that the product description on your website should introduce the product, describes features, throws light of its usage & importance and convinces the buyer to buy the product, all at the same time. Our Content creators and web developers ensure putting such compelling product descriptions that increase sales in multiplying numbers.

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