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Writing an engaging Ad copy is an art. Art which very few master in. We, at Digital Promobuddy, create engaging ad copies and call to action content so that your brand’s ad reaches masses and achieves the targets set. Writing content for an Ad on Social Media or as Google Ad has to follow some guidelines on number of words, language used and the content tone.

Content Writers at Digital Promobuddy make sure that they write compelling Ad content which are search engine friendly, optimized, proofread and solution-based. A very good ad content that fails to be a compelling and convincing ad copy fails in its purpose of increasing the conversion rate.

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How we write unfailingly
Compelling Ad Copy?

Plan & Research

Before we write an ad copy, we plan & research a lot about the brand, product, audience and the ad campaign. In absence of research, even a well written ad copy can go haywire.

Address Readers

We analyse who will read the Ad Content which is drafted. This lets us frame an ad content that’s persuasive and directly targets the audience’s problem areas.

Frame Ad Content & CTA

After due research & analysis, our expert copywriters frame ad content and CTA content. Both Ad Copy and CTA should be an invitation to target audience that a simple click will be a solution to their problems.

Assess Competition

We carefully assess the competitors and competition level in your industry. This lets us understand what offers they are putting forth to a class of audience and how are they communicating that offer. Post this, we create a more compelling ad copy which marks your brand better than that of your competitor.

Review & Feedback

After content has been framed, we peer review it so that before it is finally delivered to you, it is tested on the basis of content quality, ad standards on platforms and language used. Every feedback is also incorporated before final delivery of the Ad Copy.

How does an ideal AD copy look?

An ideal Ad copy should highlight the problem and suggest solution even before it is asked.

Multiple Version

Every Ad should be created in multiple versions to run the best one at the right time. You first shot of an ad copy will never be a perfect one. Better write multiple versions with almost similar meaning and intention.


Test the ad copy on the basis of keywords used, CTAs, images, color choice and other aspects so that the final version of your Ad is error free and comes filled with compelling content.

Inclusive of power words

Include power words in an Ad copy. Biggest power word is ‘you’. If you directly communicate with the audience saying “Are you tired of mice & roaches?”, it will always be better than “We are expert in pest control”!

Emotion Triggering

After you analyse your audience, remember to identify their nerved. Ad Copywriter must know what kind of tone can trigger emotions and encourage audience to take desired action on the Ad.

Benefit Centric

Focus on product/ service benefit in spite of blabbering about your company. Audience is concerned about what best solution you can offer to their problems. Ad Copy must talk about benefits the maximum.

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