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Paid Social Media Advertising Services That Grow your business exponentially

At Digital Promobuddy, we build a holistic approach to analyze and run successful advertisement for your business. We are a leading social media advertising agency focusing on providing effective marketing solutions to businesses through social channels. Marketing and advertising looks at enhancing your brand visibility, brand perception, brand awareness, qualified business leads, and increase conversions on your website (in case of Ecommerce stores).  Our comprehensive social media advertising plans can help you achieve desired business goals and our strategic approach can even surpass your expectations.

Power Of SMA (Social Media Advertising)

Social media ads
is an all-business friendly option to reach company goals

More than half of the world’s total population relies on social media presence of a business more than ‘word of mouth’ kind of traditional promotional ideas. Whether you have a B2B, B2C or an E-commerce business, social media ads can make you see visible growth of your business as a whole. Our customized social media advertising plans can accommodate any and every type of business ranging from small to large businesses by adjusting and recommending the apt ad spend budget.

It is a wise idea to hit your target audience at a place they love the most. This place is no more “in-store” but on “social media” accounts logged in from their phones or desktops.

Looking for Social Media Ad Strategy Specialist

Digital PromoBuddy has fresh marketing & advertising ideas to nurture your business!

We strongly believe that it’s not just your investment into ads but investment into gaining life-long and loyal customers for your business. We have a specialized & customized Social media advertising services for every platform.

Facebook Advertising

Reach your target audience in numbers you would never have imagined with our social media ad management services for Facebook. Facebook happens to be the most widely used social media network with DAUs (Daily active users) of 1.9 billion. Facebook allows you to post ads with photo, video, slideshow and carousel. We take care of Ad copy designing, Copywriting, Retargeting, and revenue generation to grow your business.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram being one of the widely used platform makes it highly imperative to have your business present here. Instagram has 1.21 billion active user DAUs (Daily active users) which clearly shows the potential it holds for your business. We analyse your business and objectives closely to select the most suitable platforms for advertising your business. We take care of Ad copy designing, Copywriting, Retargeting, and revenue generation to grow your business.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter advertisement have the option to select the objective they want to achieve for their business, whether that is increasing traffic, engagement, awareness, video views, followers, app installs, or app re-engagements. Like Facebook & Instagram, Twitter also offers audience targeting feature based on location, gender, languages, device and platform. Twitter uses two additional targeting features setting it apart from Facebook and Instagram. Twitter lets you target by keywords and an option to target people who are linked to users following specific accounts. Twitter happens to be the third most widely used social media network with DAUs (Daily active users) of 192 million.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is popular for video marketing and ads which generates third highest engagement level after Facebook and Youtube. LinkedIn has over 706 million members. It offers three major advertising options depending on the business goals. Sponsored Content places ad content in the LinkedIn feed. Text ads are delivered around the LinkedIn feed on your desktop. Sponsored InMail sends ad content via a message to user’s inbox. Being a profession-driven social media platform, LinkedIn’s ads are beneficial for employee and company-specific targeting. It assists the advertisers in targeting audience as per the professional parameters like industry, position, seniority and company size.

YouTube Advertising

There would probably be no one who has not searched a video for tutorial or entertainment. It happens to be the second largest video search engine after Google. One can create text- and video-based ads that drive quality leads and increase sales. Youtube Advertising for Business allows an advertiser to create a video advertisement ranging from 6-15 seconds which runs automatically before YouTube User plays their favorite video. Based on your business objectives, following YouTube ads can be created:
-Skippable in-stream ads                  -Non-skippable in-stream ads
-In-feed video ads                              -Bumper ads 
Outstream ads                          -Masthead ads

We keep client satisfaction to the top!

Digital PromoBuddy offers customized plans and packages. So, you can be transparent with us and tell us which professional service options for your social media ad campaigns you are looking at. We will not impose anything on you and keep your priorities and feedback very close to our mind.

We offer best in industry and result-oriented Paid Social Ad Services. So, you will have a full-fledged professional partner in all your advertising deeds.

Hiring a Social media advertising agency has become an indispensable part of social strategy for businesses. With over 74 percent of the world’s total population using social media as a base for their purchase decision, it is emerging to be the most alluring and profitable conversions generating idea for business houses. We help you conceptualize, design, create and run ads which target your audience just according to what is on offer.

Our Social Media Advertising company includes in its Advertising plans: Facebook Ads, and Instagram ads. Basis on your requirement and objectives we offer add-ons as well like LinkedIn ads and YouTube ads. All these ads have different set of criteria for ad creation and ad publishing. Our Social media advertisers keep abreast with latest norms of advertising on these platforms and create a unique and compelling ad content for you that generate business/fulfils the objectives you propose.

Advertising is a paid program for driving sales and generating revenue and can be used by any type of business for any product or service. (if your audience is online, we take your business to them on their screens)

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FREE Consultation

We are transparent and always welcoming you on board!

Thus, we have a 15 min free consultation call with our Social Media Strategist who would give a brief outline for increasing your revenue and leads through paid social media ad campaigns on varied platforms.

SMA For YOUR Business

What will right Social Media Advertising Plan do to your business?

We never run abrupt ads just for the sake of publishing an ad. We strategize every paid ad campaign by understanding the competitor, market and current trend. We stay hooked on to right social media advertising plan that optimizes your ad spend and increases your RoI (Return on Investment)

You will see these six benefits after letting us navigate the harness to your social media ad campaigns:

Social Media Ads
PPC Management Services
Social Media Advertising Agency
What You Will Get From us

What will Digital Promobuddy do for you as a Social Media Advertising Agency?

We cater to your businesses’ social media ad requirements comprehensively. It implies, you are free to concentrate on your cores while we help you achieve growth through social channels. With us, you will have:


Why Digital Promobuddy is better than others ?

You can convey your message to the people through social media advertising. which is more effective. Nowadays everyone is active on social media

Why should we get Social Media Advertising done by you?

Digital promobuddy have a team of social media advertising experts. Those who understand your business and prepare a good plan for you.

is it very expensive ?


Should small businessmen also do Social Media Advertising?

Yes, why not, Infact social media advertising , you can increase your business further.

Which social media marketing is more effective?


We have cravings for implementing fresh marketing ideas and have a lot to do when we have an amazing client like you. We serve you a platter of social media advertising services. This platter includes

Our graphic designers, content developers and social media ad strategist are dedicated towards achieving your desired ad results for your business. While you sit back and see us working with perfection, we will publish the ad only after you say ‘Okay’!


Social Media Strategy

We set crystal clears goals that are in consonance to your overall Digital Marketing Goals. We take a holistic approach towards your Social media Strategy and make sure that the targets set are not just company specific but industry specific.


Quality Content

We never go haywire! We, at Digital Promobuddy, have reasons and wit to understand that you are spending a budget just to highlight your presence on Social Media and that’s why we understand on which runway you are running and on what speed. These makes us slowly and gradually seep in our plans into yours to find some golden Social Media results.


Appealing Ad Design

Just curating a customized plan would not serve the purpose of highlighting your brand. You are operating in a pre-determined functional market; you have to go by the norms. We ethically gather competitor data and curate what best can make you shine above the rest.

We strategize, create, implement, publish & review ‘Ad Analytics’ for your business

So we are an ad creation, ad posting, ad manager and ad analyst professionals near you! At Digital Promobuddy, we have a variety of customized ad plans with features of proven results and social media advertising experts who can determine the best strategy that fits your budget. We create detailed ad reports for your ad performance so that you can clearly see how ad has performed and what targeted results it has harnessed. In the report, we give you the metrics in numbers and percentage of the number of reach, views, impressions and engagements on your running ads.*

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