LinkedIn Marketing Services

LinkedIn Marketing Services

LinkedIn MARKETING Strategy to upscale your business

LinkedIn being the largest professional communication network has a lot of potential to tap professional clients and add to your business network. LinkedIn is a professional network with a lot of thought and fact sharing on all topics you can talk of. We are there as your LinkedIn Marketing Agency for building connections that matter and upscale returns for your business.

LinkedIn: One Professional Platform to increase revenue in multiplier effect

If you a B2B company and are trying to market yourself, LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools that will steer you through a rigorous marketing schedule. Many marketers overlook LinkedIn as it has much smaller base than that of other social media platforms. Important here is to consider that building connections on LinkedIn has multiplier effect in terms of revenue generation. You connect with employees, clients, buyers, suppliers, all at one platform and share thoughts like polls and questions to understand the nature of market you are serving as a big business house. This transparency with every party you are dealing or about to deal make you better stand on a strong foundation of trust and authenticity amongst new and existing buyers.

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How to create a brand name with LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is such a great platform to advertise your brand, connect with community and build brand awareness for your product. Read on to learn how to use How to create a brand name with LinkedIn?

Ensure every employee has a LinkedIn profile

When employees and their LinkedIn network comes across your business name again and again, you create a unique brand image in the mind of LinkedIn users. This creates a positive impact of lead and revenue generation for your brand. Employees’ profiles must mention their association with you and should be up to date. All this gets you noticed as a big business!

Build your own network of connections

If your business is running for over two years, ideal number of connections on your LinkedIn should reach 500+. If you have not hit this number, do it at the earliest to make your brand visible. Don’t forget to come in contact with people after using LinkedIn’s suggested connections feature.

Become a part of discussions on LinkedIn

There are several LinkedIn groups open for discussions. Join the one that relates directly to your industry, more specifically your nature of business. Keep a daily time set aside for joining in these discussions. Just commenting or liking a post or feed on LinkedIn help build connections with a lot of important connections and make your brand visible. Post comments can also make people know what your thought process is and what the tone of your business is. This makes it a relevant element of deciding process amongst buyers.

Post article on LinkedIn publishing

Write engaging articles for LinkedIn. Try to get prompts and comments on those articles. For example, add a poll at the end of an article to foster comments and likes on the posted article. This makes your connection believe that you practice what you preach and share your thoughts for the benefit of the community. Share company news, product launches, employee appreciation for increasing engagement and drawing revenue towards your business

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