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Writing content for business needs like white papers, reports, articles and newsletters requires a lot of research at the backend before the final content delivery. Not just research, official communications like these, as distinct from casual blog writing, have to be fact-based and credible. Keeping in mind the platform on which it will be shared, all these types of content is written formally in a polished language unlike Ad Copies and blog writing.

What are Infographics?

Infographics is a strong and powerful way of presenting facts and ideas to readers. Infographics is an intelligent amalgamation of information and graphics that supports and compliments the laid down information. Infographics cab be in the form of a business letter, brochure content, detailed report, article or a newsletter.

Infographics are highly engaging and lead to maximum conversion and readership. Unlike traditional pieces of writing, it is proven to attract more attention and leads to better reflection and understanding of the written part of the paper.

Infographics helps to boost the following:

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Why choose us for Writing Infographics and White Papers for your business?

Research & Communication

Content Writers at Digital Promobuddy engage in constant R & D required to generate authentic reports and newsletters. They communicate with you about the areas or topics to be covered in your white paper writing. This leads to a creation of unshaken bridge between us and you and helps write quality content.

Transparency in Operation

We operate and write conversion centric content for you. We ensure that white papers that are written to highlight your business and brand are quality papers that answers the question of the audience it is meant for. A good white paper is the one that does not leave any loophole in the understanding of it in the mind of target audience.

Credible Content

We research, write and structure reports, articles and newsletters for your business. You can trust us as we write only credible and meaningful content after careful research on the subject matter. We have clients who tell us how their revenue graph never dipped after they hooked on to us for content writing services.

Timely Content Delivery

We inform well in advance the stipulated or projected time taken for the kind of white paper you require for communicating something to your audience. We know time is the most valuable asset and we adhere to the promised delivery schedules so that you can run your communication plans without any delay.

What is White Paper Writing?

White paper writing implies writing detailed reports and articles with an intended objective of communicating something. Every white paper has to be divided into phased out sections of writing which includes an introduction, body content, summarization and conclusion.

A white paper can be in the form of:


A report is mostly written as an indirect speech and in a passive voice. It is narrating what has actually happened or took place in the past. A report can be a formal, informal, analytical, informational, and of a lot many kinds. An infographic report includes relevant graphics and pictures alongwith the content.


A newsletter is an information disseminating piece of content. It has features of both, an article and a report. It is narrative like a report and informative like an article. Many businesses write newsletters to discuss more about product benefits, product uses or any other company news. Newsletters always have a targeted audience and is circulated to a limited number of people.


An article is a detailed description of a subject matter. The subject can be a person, place, thing or any other phenomena that requires discussion. Articles can be short ranging from 600 words to long form articles ranging upto 3000 words or beyond. An average article length is approximately 1500 words.

Can white papers lead to effective conversion? Certainly YES! Want to know how?