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By drafting a meaningful and targeting content for your business, we are a content writing agency and make your business a hassle-free venture with clear communicative messages. Our comprehensive content marketing packages are Digital Promobuddy’s team efforts in which they curate, write, edit and promote quality content for your business. From business letters to E-mails upto the blog posts and website content, we are a true blue solution as far as your Content Creation needs are concerned.

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We understand speaking with a Content Specialist is important before you possibly trust them for drafting all the kinds of communication required to rank your business. That’s why, we are open for any discussion on content needs for your business. Ready to speak with our Content Specialist?

Content - The Most Visible Part
Showing that You Exist

Out of all the digital marketing services we offer, Content marketing is one of the most visible element. It is your content with which the reader will directly interact and form opinions about what you are offering. Right content increases website conversion rates, generate deep brand awareness and web traffic, and thereby, raises the graph of your company’s revenue.

A content writing company creates custom content that follows SEO standards which is boon to any business. You can count on us for clear content strategy, content creation, true feedback, transparency in operation and high work ethics. If a content has been created for your business, it is solely for you and forever……Even if you do not mention that explicitly!

Content Strategy

We create a customized content strategy for your business which adheres to the audience you are targeting at, your business goals and your current and projected business image. Strategy includes streamlining content in such a manner so that the flow of information is smooth and the meaning delivered through your content is unambiguous and in consonance with your current marketing plan.

Content Development

We have a competent content team which develops content for your marketing as well as promotion needs. The team curated creative and business specific content after understanding the real results you want to achieve with a single piece of communicative content. We also create a content calendar for allowing a room for your personal content and making it a flexible Content Plan.

Content Writing

We analyse beforehand that you are writing for your own website, promotional campaign, blog post or a social media post. This makes us understand the move behind content creation and we are able to write platform specific content for your business. Writing a platform specific content helps achieve desired results and in turn drive sales and revenue hand in hand.

Content Optimization

A plain content that’s giving zero information about the product or service you are offering serves no purpose. We customize content according to your business and industry needs by feeding the drafted content with the keywords. This way, your business can witness accelerated revenue which will be a result of SEO friendly content. We make content that ranks you higher and ahead of your competitors on SERPs.

Content Promotion

Once we optimize the content as per your business needs, we look at platforms where the curated content can be showcased for maximum results and efficiency on RoI. Say, Guests Blogs are important for brand visibility while content on social media posts is important for increase in audience engagement and impression rate. Each platform serves a different purpose and we analyse that for you carefully before promoting the content.

Reporting Content Strategy Results

We just do not concentrate on our basics of doing up content for you. We know our clients need to know how our quality and optimized content is making a difference to their business. We are very clear on reporting those results to you. We provide an understandable and clear report at different time intervals so that you know exactly why your business was not achieving desired results in absence of a right content writing Company.

So, next time if someone says Content does not drive profits towards business like advertising does, you can let them know how Content is the said and written part of your organization’s functioning.
Content Marketing Services
Importance Of Content Marketing

There is no better form of communication and promotion than Content Creation and Content Marketing.

Promobuddy’s content creation and marketing services are digital marketing services which include laying down in advance a feasible content strategy suiting the business and thereby creating, publishing, promoting, and following up content to achieve specific and overall business results.
Types of content Promobuddy specializes in include social media content, reports and manuals, articles, blog posts, video content, infographics, website content, e-books and much more.

How we are different from others

Why choose us as your Content Marketing Agency?

Content Marketing Agency


Can you write content on any topic?

You can convey your message to the people through social media advertising. which is more effective. Nowadays everyone is active on social media

Why should we get Content Writing done by you?

Digital promobuddy have a team of content writing experts. Those who understand your business as well as keyword and prepare a good content for you.

is it very expensive ?

NO ,According to word you will have to pay

Do you write content only for website or also for social media?

Both, Website and social media as well as blog

Is there any consultation fee?

No,Our company never charges any consultation. You can call anytime, our experienced team will surely help you

How do we go about as your Content Writing Agency?

Every great thing follows a process AND SO DO WE!


Content strategy & Keyword research

Our content team shall work with you to fully understand your company’s overall goals and the industry you operate in. After this, create a customized content marketing strategy for your business aimed at website traffic, quality leads and solid conversions.

We search relevant keywords and put in in the content curated for you so that your content is not just a good read but drives verified leads and traffic to your website. Keyword Search has several components that our team masters. These are Search Volume, Competition, Cost-per-click (CPC), User Intent.


Content Development

Post Content Strategy and keyword search, our team draws a clear Content Development Plan in the form of a calendar. This calendar includes types of content to be delivered, their projected or intended purpose and the deadline of the content deliverables. The content deliverables in np. Of words shall depend on the plan you choose.

Purpose of creating a content calendar is to draw clear lines on how we are thinking to achieve business results and bridging the gap if any in the mind of our clients.


Content Creation

After the calendar is made, the core come in, in the form of Content Creation. This is where our teams go all the creative for you and comes up with content pieces just suiting your business needs.

We create several categories of content like long-form content, blogs, social media posts, video content, website content, white papers and much more for adhering to the content strategy decided at the onset. We proofread and edit content too in case you find it a less fit and accommodating on your business page.


Content Optimization

Our content managers, apart from creating an optimized content for your business, will also create a compelling title tag and meta description for it. You will have a dedicated account manager to let you know why and how your content is SEO friendly and shall help your business rank on Search Engine Result Pages. Optimizing a content is not just for your audience but for the search engine as well. By optimizing the content, you are feeding the search engine to give you maximum web traffic and conversions in return.


Content Promotion

Apart from content creation, our content management team drafts a plan of promoting your content on the right platform. They streamline your content and put it into the pipeline of promotion after choosing the platform. A content in the form of blog posts will find results on your website while social media content shall find place and drive results only when shared and promoted on social media in the form of social media ads. Piping the right content into the right platform funnel is important to achieve desired growth of business.


Regular Reporting

No! We absolutely do not leave you here. We know you have been eyeing at the results and everyone would do that once they invest in content marketing services.

We have a comprehensive and well regulated reporting system which is supported by a two-way communication between our content team and the client. We monitor, report and communicate the scale of your RoI after putting in place our Content Strategy for your business.

Delivering Quality Content to over 500 clients, We have formed long term Partnerships.

Content Marketing has ample benefits that businesses yet not know. Let’s probe in…!

Is there a real need for engaging graphics for your business? If yes, why not experience designs which create an imprint.

Business Growth

Looking for a business with no slowdowns? It is important to create a brand image for your brand to do that. The world is over the internet. Making use of content strategy and content marketing, it is easier to connect with audience. We make sure your content is error free- top quality and optimized so that if a user is landing up across a content created by your business, they do not move forth without buying your product or availing your service offer.

Build Brand Awareness

Your brand is your company’s unique identity. A full-service Content marketing agency highlights your brand and places it high above the rest. Right content ensures right targeting and employee retention. A brand which has awareness spread to a huge circle always is in a better position to rank itself in the industry it operates. It takes time for Content Marketing to show long term results. Just like SEO, it requires great deal of patience and wisdom.

Increase your revenue

Content Marketing and Content Strategy puts a direct positive impact of revenue and sales. As Content once released does not change on the part of the company frequently, it reduces the cost per lead thereby increasing the gap between cost and revenue. More the gap between these two elements, more is the profitability margin for the company and vice versa.

Reach your target audience

In the online shopping world, consumers are the king. They have the power to block and ignore content which are not relevant to them. Creating just the perfect content for the target market is the key to Content Marketing. Our content strategy build up content that is just perfect for the audience it is meant for. This way, leads and conversions are flowing towards the company for manifold benefits.

Huge consumer base

If your content matches the thought process of the targeted audience, it is almost decided that many inquiries and web traffic will draw in. Content Marketing involves bridging the gap between what consumers wants to read and what a lot of companies are willing to let the customers know about their offer. The lesser in the gap, the more are chances of building a loyal customer base.

We know that you know what to communicate to your target audience, but steering through how to communicate does not happen in absence of an efficient Content Strategy.
Our content marketing team does that for you!