Social Media Marketing Services

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Social Media Marketing Services

Drive organic results with PromoBuddy’s Social Media Marketing Plan

Research suggests that approx. 75% of world population refer to their social media information while making a purchase decision. It’s a very important factor when it comes to understanding shoppers psyche. That is why, business houses invest in our social media management services for an organic reach.

Digital PromoBuddy is your trusted partner who will help your business grow its brand awareness, customer loyalty, conversions and revenue.

Still not getting the amazing ways with which you can increase your brand awareness and brand visibility through social media?

Digital PromoBuddy keeps
Social Media Management prices minimal

We offer Social Media Management Plans to oversee and built your brand image through social media channels. Check our platform specific Social media strategies

Instagram Marketing Services

Promote your business by growing your no. of followers on Instagram with our social media management strategies for Instagram

Facebook Marketing Services

From creating a Facebook posting strategy to analyzing the post impressions and engagements, we will assist you achieve your objective related to increased awareness or brand visibility.

Linkedin Marketing Services

LinkedIn audience is in want of quality content. Top executives find mentions and keep hooked on LinkedIn and that’s why feeding them with information they need will bring them closer to your business.

Twitter Marketing Services

Twitter is a great platform to captivate and generate followers with the help of relevant content. We craft a strategy that make people retweet, like, click and comment on trending Tweet topics.

Customized Your Package

We specialize handling four major platforms mentioned above owing to their popularity amongst business houses. There are several other social media handles as well which we can add in your customized package.

No matter your business and market,
we tailor our recommendations for you.
Social Media Management Agency
Social Media For Business

What we do as you Social Media Management Agency?

Professional SMM

Basics of Social media management that Digital PromoBuddy professionally takes care of

We have a holistic approach towards you social media marketing plan. With our social media strategists, you get to know bountiful fresh ideas that will grow your business by well-carried, transparent and sophisticated social media idea. Keeping you shining above your competitors, we keep analyzing what communicates the best about your business. We keep content and design that defines your unique business identity. Therefore, our social media management services include:

Social media management
Social Media Marketing Services
Social Media Planning

We do your Social Media Plan with eyes open!

So, if you are a palmist, we will concentrate on client-friendly platforms like Facebook and Instagram. However, if you are a hiring agency, we will keep on top LinkedIn and Twitter in our Social media management plans because these platforms drive inquiries from candidates. So, you can be easy! We do not just post but analyze what type of content shall bring you quality business results. With a client retention rate of 90 percent and more, you can trust us to provide you unparalleled Social Media Management service. No matter your business and market; we tailor our recommendations to you.


Why social media marketing is important?
With social media, you connect directly with the clients you mean. In this you can target many things like audience, age, area and many more.
Why should we get social media marketing done by you?
Digital promobuddy have a team of social media experts. Those who understand your business and prepare a good plan for you.
is it very expensive ?
Should small businessmen also do social media marketing?
Yes, why not, Infact social media marketing, you can increase your business further.
Which social media marketing do you do?





Steps we take at Digital Promobuddy to build an effective Social Media Strategy

Our social media management process has six steps


Setting goals

We set crystal clears goals that are in consonance to your overall Digital Marketing Goals. We take a holistic approach towards your Social media Strategy and make sure that the targets set are not just company specific but industry specific.


Understanding Present Social Scenario

We never go haywire! We, at Digital Promobuddy, have reasons and wit to understand that you are spending a budget just to highlight your presence on Social Media and that’s why we understand on which runway you are running and on what speed. These makes us slowly and gradually seep in our plans into yours to find some golden Social Media results.


Analyzing sector or industry competitors

Just curating a customized plan would not serve the purpose of highlighting your brand. You are operating in a pre-determined functional market; you have to go by the norms. We ethically gather competitor data and curate what best can make you shine above the rest.


Keeping abreast with present social network.

As you have been in the market for long or are just starting over, there are some existing online and offline contacts that are a boon to your business. Create interest social media posts, videos, feeds and stories and give them content to feed upon.


Drawing a number or data chart

Before putting our social plan into action, we gather and keep safe with us data so that correct reporting and comparison can be done to show the impact of Social Media Strategy put in place for your business. Data or Number chart helps measure achievable results and analyze the projected growth of the business.


Developing & Implementing the best strategy for Organic Social Presence

After we have fastened and checked all our belts, we are ready for a right to craft and apply correct and best suited Social Media Plan for you. There are Social media packages available ranging from strategy to social media analysis. Choose a viable one for achieving long term Return on investment (RoI).

What do Social media management services bring to your business?

With 420 billion people who are active on social media are your prospects that can follow your business page on Social Media and contribute to the pool of impressions, post engagements, clicks, reactions and comments on your page and on your posts. So, now you know, why is it “just so important” for your business to be there. There are several other reason in the list that calls for an effective social media plan for your business and these reasons are:
Social media management services

Increased Brand Visibilty

Experience how people know your brand and business and start relating you with their lifestyles.

Reach Audience That Matters

A right targeting that makes your business have inputs for the betterment of your long term business results.

Remarket the Brand Offers

Are you introducing a new product in your product mix? You can uild a social network to communicate the product features, uses, benefits.

Fostered Recommendations

How fulfilling is that when people recommend your product or service basing your active social media engagement!

Awareness On Brand Offering

Are you selling a product that needs too much reassurance on part of a customer? Win the trust of your audience through Product Awareness on social handles.

Building Connections

There is no harm if someone connected to you socially is not your product’s user. This connection might be useful in many other ways. It can be an important resource for you in future.

Increased Web Visitors

Call to Action buttons on Social Media is a strategy to building huge web traffic. Choosing that widely maximizes qualified and verified web traffic to your web pages.

When you invest in social media services from Digital Promobuddy, you have your own social media account manager who shall manages every aspect of your social media campaign ranging from excellent content for your posts to the engaging designs of those creative.