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Amazon being the biggest shopping platform across the globe has benefits looped in it. If you are a manufacturer or a seller, you ought to be on Amazon and your products listed well on the platform for advertising. Amazon advertises only for products that are already listed on it. It has its own advertising norms which has to be followed for getting people notice your product on top before they scroll to non-advertised ones.

How about partnering with an experienced, results-oriented Amazon advertising agency like Digital Promobuddy?

Digital Promobuddy has Amazon advertising experts who craft a customized Ad strategy for every Ad you want to run on Amazon. Increased product visibility and quality leads is what an optimized Amazon Ad will bring towards your business. Every penny you spend for advertising, PPC deducts it on the basis of how many times your Ad has been clicked and viewed. This filters our window shoppers and gets you maximum inflow of genuine buyers who are searching for a product that you are selling.

Our Amazon advertising strategy helps businesses grow

‘How to you increase your sales and reduce the cost of acquiring one lead?’ is a question that plague small as well as big businesses. For the team at Digital Promobuddy who has worked as an Amazon ad agency for a number of business houses, crafts a unique ad strategy that increases the inflow of clicks and buys on shopping site like Amazon.

With vast experience and dedicated in-house digital marketing team, we understand your Ad requirements and run a competitive Ad so that your product and the brand get highlighted on top of the Amazon search results. A custom Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) strategy aims to optimize your ad spend, improves your revenue and decreases your cost of acquiring leads to much extent.

We are Transparent in Operations

We don’t know if you have partnered with any other Amazon Ad Agency but with Digital Promobuddy, we assure you a transparency in operations including the service price, ad run cost, margins (if any) and revision charges. We can bet that our prices are pocket-friendly as compared to the Ad result, we have delivered to a vast network of clients. And maybe, that’s why our client retention rate ranges to over 90 percent.

Not just this, we offer to all our client transparent reporting of all the Amazon Ad results. By regular reporting, we mean that you get the bird’s eye view with an in-depth understanding on all the Ad results and the associated parameters. Reporting shall bring to you several insights such as:

For knowing ways to expand and strengthen the revenue base for your business, get in touch with our Amazon Ad Specialists.

We help you earn an Edge Over Competitors

Correct and professional Amazon Ad strategy is a necessary tool to make people listen loud and clear about your brand. Howsoever impressive is your product quality, without proper advertising, it is impossible to generate heavy sales and revenue.

There are several people selling the same product as yours. But, the difference comes when you craft an Ad strategy that makes your product far more visible and engagement prone for the viewers. Increased Ad engagement with your running Ad ensures that you will have a large number of Ad interactions, click rate and subsequent buying actions.

Why choose us as Amazon Ad Agency?

Why choose us as Amazon Ad Agency?

So, if you wish to outrank your competition, increase brand visibility, draw in quality leads and want maximum buying clicks, choose us as your Amazon Ad agency.