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SMS & E-Mail Marketing for your Business

In the present day world, you can leave no stone unturned for communicating your product offer to the target audience. SMS & E-mails are traditional communication methods but if this is to offer your product to the potential buyer, the messages in the SMS and E-mail have to be clear, concise, convincing and alluring. It should be highlighting best offers which are a mile ahead of your competitors.

Today’s world is interlinked and intertwined due to presence of the web. The eyes are sticked to the phone screens and every notification on the home screen matters. Don’t you open the messages and mails immediately when an e commerce sale is announced? Similar is the marketing strategy for which our team curates promotional content for your brand/ product and channels it towards target audience.

To succeed, SMS and E-Mail content has to be optimized to reach the eyes which the seller wishes. Optimization can be done on the basis quality content and keyword research. A well curated content fails its purpose if it’s technically unsound, written poorly, has jargons and is non-optimized as per latest SEO norms.

Our Content Writers put constant efforts in generating content that drives positive sales and conversion results.


—2020 Global Messaging Engagement Report

Top Mantras to reach a pool of buyers with optimized SMS & E-Mail Content

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Attract more revenue with SMS & E-Mail Content Marketing Services

Most of the people are hooked on to their phones and digital devices today than ever. Nearly everyone has a smartphone and a laptop/ desktop. Curating content for E-Mail & SMS marketing draws in qualified traffic and leads to conversions and repeated sales. It is important to write content in a language, tone & dialect that your targeted audience understands the most. Our SMS & E-mail Content Writers draft content in an easy language which is universally understandable to audience to which it reaches. A leading mobile marketing and E-mail advertising company like Digital Promobuddy lets you steer through the motive of reaching a large no. of people in comparatively lower cost than any other advertising method.

Types of E-Mail & SMS content we write for your businesses’ growth

Promotional E-mail & SMS

Promotional E-mail & SMS content is what we write for your business. Do you have a new product to launch? Do you wish to relaunch a product or do a remarketing? We know what and how to communicate to your buyer so that it reaches them as a convincing message to buy what you sell.

Introductory E-mail & SMS

It is necessary that you introduce your business and reveal its real identity to the buyers. We write content for your offers, discounts and sales which you can send across to customers to win engagement and trust.

Official Correspondence

There are lot many communication which a company needs to make to employees, clients and buyers. Such E-Mail and SMS need to be carefully drafted so that the voice and tone of the company is built and maintained.

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