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Editing & Proofreading Services to make your content ‘Publish Ready’

E-commerce is an important tool to market and sell products. Companies target audience on the basis of their product offering but are sometimes, unable to reach the right class of audience. A content writer writes a product description with relevant keywords so that the product seems to highlight the pain areas of consumer and suggest remedial measures for those pain areas. Our team helps your product rank on top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Therefore, it is important to choose the right class of keywords for the targeted audience so that a need and resource match can be made online.

A Powerful and apt Product Description transforms you into a market leader

Imagine how rewarding it would be if a consumer searches for a particular product to satiate a pain area and find a solution to that in the form of your company’s products. This does not happen automatically. There has to be a lot of SEO content which needs to be written on e-commerce platforms in the form of product descriptions so that your product is on top of Search Engine. Our team aligns product description using relevant search terms that probably the customer will type as search query. A good description should be specific and engaging. It should be such which leads to ranking on the web and subsequent traffic driven sales. Our experienced SEO content writer follows norms and guidelines laid down by every e-Commerce marketplace to ensure that you attract shoppers and convince them to buy your stuff.

Our skillful content writers curate SEO-friendly product Descriptions

An impressive and understandable product description is something that a business can offer to its current and prospective buyers. Approaching the consumer with a product description that makes them believe that your product can be a valuable asset to them is the best possible communication and content strategy that Digital Promobuddy provides you. Customers buy product due to its visual feel and content appeal. A unique product description convinces buyers to choose your product over competitor’s product. We highlight every feature and benefit reading your consumer’s mind so that you become a market leader in the line of products being sold by you.

Why choose us for your E-Commerce Product Description Writing Services?

At Digital Promobuddy, we create rich, creative and SEO friendly product descriptions. Every product copy makes use of fresh strategy and use of words. We create a customized product description strategy for every business so that we align our content towards the overall goals of the organization. We write conversational, communicative, factual, and purposeful Product Description with an aim to drive sales and accelerate business growth.

Experienced Writers

Our product description writers are experienced and masters of their craft. They choose words with complete wisdom and strategy after doing a thorough research on keywords, your business and industry you operate in. With vast knowledge and experience in creating engaging content works, they write SEO friendly product descriptions so that your products rank better on e-commerce platforms whenever a buyer types a search query.

Extensive Research Work

Our Content Writers do extensive research on your existing product description on various platforms. Not just this, they also do a competitor analysis and understand what type of consumers are buying from them and why. This gives a clarity on gaps in the Content Strategy being used to write descriptions. After careful research, we create product copies for different platforms. Every e-commerce platform has different set of description norms. Our writers adhere well to these norms and generate quality content for product description.

Versatile Writing

Our writers can write for every existing platform. They tailor their tone, language and writing style after analysing the demographic factors of the audience interacting with our experts can tailor their language and style to suit a product and customer segment it is aimed at. Therefore, with us, you have an access to full service Content Writing Agency for describing the listed products of your company.

Optimized Descriptions

Just quality content is not enough to let people discover your product on e-commerce platforms. In the absence of relevant keywords, even the best of content fails its purpose. We draft content to describe the products and thereafter, optimize it so that it ranks on the basis of SEO strategies being followed. Optimizing a description is again a careful task of searching for the keywords and using them strategically so that it appears on the top pages after a buyer types a search query.

Review & User based Content

Every product has some existing users who have a review and testimonial for the product. Our content writers make use of existing customer’s reviews to generate a product description that makes the prospective buyer aware that your product is need satiating. We make buyers believe that you are the best in the market selling top-notch quality class of products. This belief in the consumer can only be generated by a compelling and powerful product description.

SEO-friendly Descriptions Drive Traffic and land you up ahead of your competing brands

Correct SEOing and use of ranking keywords have the ability to drive your business miles ahead of your competitors. Appropriate Product descriptions have the ability to attract current as well as prospective buyers. Imagine you are selling gardening products, so, searching for words as gardening, movers, carpet grass, manure etc. should be the words your description should revolve around. Even if you are selling an irrigation pipe, use of words such as fertilizer, best gardening tool, buy water pump etc. shall rank your product on top as these the search terms which buyers are using frequently. Remember, optimizing a content and keyword research has to be area specific. People in Australia might search for a different term than people in USA for same class of product. For every product description, we carefully make a keywords directory, draft meaningful phrases and create high-informative and impactful content that convinces both the customers and search engines to consider your product before that of a competitor.

An accurate product description enhances buyer’s trust in your brand and lowers the chances of error buying and product return. We make it a point to be as explanatory and clear while writing Product copy. Therefore, the mantra is to “Drive sales with a product copy that has words to win customer’s heart!”

What does our Product Descriptions look like?

Writing a product Description is not just play of words. It should be written walking up and down and standing just beside the buyer. Our writers think of them as a buyer and write content which is most compelling and convincing. We not just describe a product plainly but we build a brand story for you around which every product description revolves. This gives your product a unique identity for better selling graph in the market.

Quality SEO Content

The choice of words and keywords with a strong language and sentence formation is what we aim at while writing Product Copy. Our content writers focus on highlighting main and allied features and benefits of your products in a simple, understandable and jargon-free language.

Persuasive Content

We introduce you as a brand which exists for its customer’s satisfaction. We communicate to the buyers your journey of hard work and success so that we portray your existence as a motivation and your product as the best in the market. We pre-answer every question in our product descriptions which we might think would arise in the mind of any buyers.

Compelling Titles & Headings

If your title is catchy, it invites buyers to read what you have written in detailed description and product detailing part. A compelling title is the foremost and most important step towards drawing buyer attention and matching it with the set of needs they have.

Jargon-free Descriptions

A persuasive product copy is the one which is free from grammatical errors and technical jargons. A too heavy or too plain language, both hamper the quality bar of an effective product description. We write a jargon free and accurate description highlighting product features and uses. More of technical language jargons create a barrier of understanding that hamper the engagement rate of the readers.

Driving Call To Action

Product Description services provided by our Content Writers include concise and clear call to action buttons to invite smooth reactions such as engagement, expansion and clicks. Not just this, the quality content in the product copy generates a confidence in the buyers that your product is the best and levelled match to their need satisfaction.

Unforgettable Brand Tone

We ensure that the language and brand tone remains constant in all product copies and selling campaigns. This connects you uniquely with your target audience and drives only qualified traffic and conversions. We write content which adheres to your brand’s identity and purpose.

Due Revisions

Our content writers put as many efforts in revisions in product copy as they put in first time description writing. Stay assured of getting a fully proofread content and if need be, we will edit it for you. As per our policy and practice, 15 to 20 percent of revisions will be provided on every Product Description.

Process at a glance

We write alluring product copy and we will share with you how we go about that!


Laying down a strategy

Once you are sure of our quality content writing services and are ready to board the ship to business transformation and growth, we draw a written strategy and present that to you. Till we are clear on what and how we go about adhering to the tone of your description content, we do not move ahead. We lay a strong base in the form of strategy and brand image to be created in the mind of the buyer. 


Market Research

After we have the strategy, we keep in mind the market you serve and audience you target basing the product on sale. Market research is necessary to understand how your competitor’s are selling and how are they writing the product description trading on to top keywords.


Content Creation

After the strategy and research is put in respective places, our content writers start drafting product specific content highlighting your product features and use. This is the deciding stage which will let you know whether an effective product description is accelerating your sales graph or not. With us as content writing agency, it happens for sure!


Editing and Review

We double check the drafted content just to check the flow of content, readability and accuracy. This involves a careful research and reading of the drafted content and matching it with the objective of sale on which it targets. As per our policy and practice, 15 to 20 percent of revisions will be provided on every Product Description. We provide edited content copy within 48 hours of suggestive changes asked by our valued clients

We do Product Descriptions & Beyond…!

With compelling product descriptions, appearing and staying on top of the search result and converting your customers requires an intelligent combination of innovation and creativity with constant pre-research. 

By outsourcing product description writing services, you can avail the expertise of our experienced content writers who shall plan and execute a wide variety of e-Commerce initiatives along with generating quality content that is ultimately directed towards maximizing your firm’s profit margin.  

Our allied services to Product Description writing include

All or selected above services will be included in the package plan chosen by you for availing product description writing service.
We look at comprehensively developing a content strategy and product copy for you, so, every element of writing the best suited product description is taken care of. This improves your brand and product traffic towards the e commerce websites your products are listed on.