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Blogs are informative and engaging piece of writing with which you can win regular readership to your website. BLOGS can have single as well as multiple objectives. The twin major objectives of blogs are: To optimize and rank the website with the help of keywords used in blog writing and to disseminate information to readers about your brand views. With SEO friendly blog posts and valid back links, business can reach zenith. Our content writers and bloggers write highly engaging content using relevant keywords. These blogs can be shared on social media platforms as well as clubbed with highly converting keywords for accelerated sales.

Types of Blogs

Imagine how rewarding it would be if a consumer searches for a particular product to satiate a pain area and find a solution to that in the form of your company’s products. This does not happen automatically. There has to be a lot of SEO content which needs to be written on e-commerce platforms in the form of product descriptions so that your product is on top of Search Engine. Our team aligns product description using relevant search terms that probably the customer will type as search query. A good description should be specific and engaging. It should be such which leads to ranking on the web and subsequent traffic driven sales. Our experienced SEO content writer follows norms and guidelines laid down by every e-Commerce marketplace to ensure that you attract shoppers and convince them to buy your stuff.

Long-Form or Skyscraper

Long-form content, also known as skyscraper blogs, is a page or blog post with over 2000 words. The content is segregated into various parts/ sections in form of videos, pictures and infographics. This is called a long form content as it is narrated comprehensively in the form of story. Skyscrapers focus on long tail keywords which prospective buyers will search. This content is optimized on the basis of long tail keywords and phrases instead of just one-word keyword.

Skyscraper blogs act as resource for your target audience. It gives them a piece of content to feed and rely upon. This informative blog establishes your company image and builds brand loyalty towards your product. A well written blog with meaning and wit can make you a market leader.

A long form blog can also be divided into two types: Basic and advanced. Basic is limited to 2000 words with a +/- 500 whereas advanced ranges upto 3000 with a +/- 500. Advanced long form content is much more detailed and is a great SEO tool. It is also fed with infographics, images and a lot of storytelling.

Short Blogs

Writers consider blog as a trendy option to engage their readers. Short blogs are no such a great SEO tool but are good for posting on social media and audience engagement. Short Blogs do not make conversions like Long form content but they are a great option for raking you website on the basis of keywords that rank.

Short blogs are thoughts shared on the web so the language used is informal and interactive. There are many platforms that encourage budding bloggers or company attached bloggers to post in their thoughts. Strategic blogging on these websites can help your business rank on Search Engine Result Pages.

Even if a shot blog is a though process of the writer penned down but it should not be in a crude form or be grammatically insignificant. Every blog post should have keywords and a motive behind it. Information we share in the blog content should be credible, trustworthy and correctly framed. Afterall, all the blogs that you publish build or hamper the product or company which is being talked about in the blog. Whether it’s a personal or an official blog, Digital Promobuddy’s Content Writers make sure that it is carefully framed and meets the desired objective of optimization, ranking or engagement, whatsoever it is. We create strategies to write a Must Read Blog.

Our Skillful Content Writers curate SEO-friendly product Descriptions

An impressive and understandable product description is something that a business can offer to its current and prospective buyers. Approaching the consumer with a product description that makes them believe that your product can be a valuable asset to them is the best possible communication and content strategy that Digital Promobuddy provides you. Customers buy product due to its visual feel and content appeal. A unique product description convinces buyers to choose your product over competitor’s product. We highlight every feature and benefit reading your consumer’s mind so that you become a market leader in the line of products being sold by you.

Strategies to generate Quality Blogs

Till a reader connects with what you have written, your blog will not serve the real purpose it is being written for.

Phasing out a Blog Title

A blog title should be such so as to reflect that it will have a lot many solutions or answers to the questions around which the blog revolves.

Engaging Introduction

The introduction should be catchy and engaging enough to convince the reader go through the entire blog post, howsoever long it is.

Research the topic

Post writing the introduction, the sub topics that have to be talked about should be researched in detail to ensure that the blog is written with full proof and is credible enough for anyone to trust upon it.

Share personal experience

Blogs are personal and interactive in nature. Reader should feel as if someone is interacting with them. The best way to do that is to share your personal experience.

Structuring the Blog post

After the blog sections have been written, structure and arrange it before publishing it. Structuring ensures readability and a better connect with the readers.

Relevant add-ons

The blogs should be made a quality blog which is worth reading by adding images, quotes and infographics so that readers uniquely identify your blogs as distinct from the competitors. One can also cite relevant resources if some stats have been picked from a secondary source.

Wish to create revenue generating and Powerful Blogs for your Brand?