Branding Services

Let people know what you sell with our ‘Make Me a Brand’ Services

What is Branding?

If people flaunt away what you sell them, YOU ARE already A BRAND! This century is filled with people who are brand conscious. Price takes a backseat when brand drives the business. We understand you would already have a product or company name with which you deal with players of market associated to you. But, reaching through the heart and vein of customers require a great deal of effort and we call it ‘Brand Strategy’. We handhold you right from the point you do not have even have a brand name to be operational till seeping your brand name deep down the mind of buyers. We promise delivering profitable results with our unmatched Branding activities.

Does your brand look hollow?

We, at Digital Promobuddy, do what we love to do. Branding your product or business is what our marketing team does for you. We have successfully phased and carved out branding strategies for some businesses and helped them steer through the problem of ‘Brand Nullity’. ‘Brand Nullity’ is what we consider a phenomena which takes place when you are making quality products and offering it at a good price still, not being able to capture a huge market size. That’s where we come in action and take up your product as a seed and grow it to a farm which people call by your brand name. We have successful brand stories which have got immensely positive revenue results after partnering with us for Branding services.

What all we do to make you a Brand?

We are a full service Branding Agency so, you can always choose a Comprehensive or Customized Branding package for you from an exhaustive list of services we offer.

Brand Research & Strategy

We lay down a plan of action for giving a desired shape and structure to your brand. We make a comprehensive plan after careful market, competitor and audience research. This is a very important branding activity as it sets the stage for all upcoming brand actions.

Brand Name & Tagline

Imagine what will people call you without a soothing name? We brainstorm to assign a unique name to your business which ultimately becomes a brand name for identification. A tagline further strengthens and compliments the brand name to make your existence clear and meaningful.

Brand Platform

Setting up a brand platform is important as based on desired budget to be spent by the client, we list down platforms on which brand shall be active in times to come. Two main platforms for highlighting your brand are: A responsive & well-build website and Social Media Management.

Brand Communication

Every brand or business has to communicate something to its buyers. This can be new launches, product offers or big season sale. We draft quality content for any communication you wish to send across in the form of SMS & E-mail marketing.

Listing Brand’s product

If your product is not available for sale on any of the online platform, you will grow but in a staggered manner. We don’t want that! We list your product on leading E-commerce websites so that you do not fall short of buyers & revenue.

Digital Brand Positioning

We have a team of Digital Marketing experts who strategically adopt SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your newly created brand. Optimizing your brand name increases the chances of your website or product link appearing in first Search Result Pages.

Brand Design

Just a name for a brand would not do the purpose. To become a brand, it is important to have an impactful visual appeal that compels viewers to buy your product again and again. Out team decides the color palette, color themes, brand logo, social media posts, banners and much more so that your brand highlights on top.

Rebranding or Brand Overhaul

Even if you have a brand name, it is possible that your branding activities like brand advertising and communication are not bringing desired results. We overhaul your existing brand take new forms keeping in mind the elements which you do not wish to change.

Brand Advertising

We now playing with budgets is a tricky task as a lot is put on stake. We have professionals who aim at reducing your cost per lead to minimum and create effective advertising campaigns both on Google and social media platforms

Measuring Brand Equity

After your brand has been positioned right, we weigh both qualitatively and quantitatively, the revenue generated because of a brand name as compared to revenues when product was selling with a generic name

The Branding Process


Brand Research


Brand Strategy


Brand Design


Brand Advertising

What Our Clients Are Saying

Benefits of becoming a Brand

Our social media management process has six steps

Spark in Sales & Revenue

A product or a business that has associated brand name to it always puts a positive impact on consumers. They are compelled to buy from a brand like you which increases sales and revenue.

Easy Product Line Additions

Once you have established yourself as a well-known brand, it is easy to expand business as well as add more products to your existing product line. If buyers love your brand, they will happily try other products introduced under your umbrella brand.

Trustworthy Brand Interactions

If a potential buyer interacts with brand elements like social media designs, attractive brand theme etc., they tend to comprehend that you have a polished brand and are producing quality product. This makes their interaction with your brand fruitful which is rewarding for your business.

Huge Customer Base

A good brand wins and woos millions of customers across the world. With world shrinking to a few buttons and your fingertips, one can buy a brand that’s foreign and not domestic. Thus, it is said that a good Brand wins large scale and long term buyers.

Beat Competition

If you are a brand that provides quality product at fair prices, you will certainly beat a lot of competition in the market. We make branding strategies that ensure that you are ahead of your competitors and minting more for your business.

Become a Price Maker

Once you are a polished brand and people start loving what you sell, you can charge a premium price for your product or service. You are the market leader and thus, a price maker for class of product you are selling.

We also think of creative brand names for you. Want one?